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Name: Gateway CC Young Adult Ministry Sponsored by: Gateway Community Church Address 512 Jeffrey Pine Ct, O'Fallon, IL 62269 Contact Person: Day and time of meeting- Wed. General types of activities: carry-in dinners, dine out, bowling, miniature golf, movies, home gatherings, misc.-pm, Sunday -am General types of activities: weekly Bible Study, fellowship, sporting events, concerts, musicals, etc twice a month-minimum, group is single and married ages 18-29, ecumenical, interdenominational Name: SALT (Single Adults Learning Together) Sponsored by: Westside Assembly of God Address: 2011 W 10th Street , Marion, IN 46953 Contact Person/phone: Rich Street 384-7686 [email protected] and time of main meeting: Friday evenings PM. games, singing for elderly, ice cream social, National Singles Retreat at the Cove (Ashville, NC), First Friday events in downtown Marion, new activities added with calendar planning.Listen carefully and you’ll hear the agony of slavery, the frustration of post-Civil War reconstruction, the urban pulse of the Great Migration, the determination of the Civil Rights Movement, and the realities of contemporary life.This exhibit explored life in Africa before it was forever changed by the slave trade.Plants such as bulrushes, cattails, water lilies and animals such as frogs, fish or even snail shells often freeze on or just below the surface of ice that has formed on ponds and lakes.Dark colored objects readily absorb sunlight creating heat that melts the ice around the object.

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Western Africa experienced the rise and fall of many great empires and industries during the 1400–1600s.

Rich in natural resources and diverse in landscape, this enormous expanse was home to millions of people.

The AAMI’s 2015–2016 temporary exhibition explored African Americans who invented or improved dozens of items we take for granted every day. All made important contributions to our lives through perseverance, hard work, and ingenuity.

Many of these men and women are little-known, and few are household names. The way we eat, grow our food, live, work, get from one place to another, and stay healthy have all been affected by these men and women.