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Andrew Van Wyngarden, was born in Columbia, Missouri, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where he attended Lausanne Collegiate School and White Station High School.His father, Bruce Van Wyngarden, is the editor of the alternative newspaper Memphis Flyer.His girlfriend was in the 8mm Bar, which we happened to pass by, and she came over and was like, “You want to come upstairs to meet Anton? His apartment is pretty crazy—I guess you can see it in the video.A lot of cigarette butts everywhere, and guitars too.Few of the bands playing Glastonbury's 40th anniversary this weekend fit the consciousness-expanding ethic of the festival at its best as well as MGMT.They remain best known for the joyous electro-psychedelic single "Kids", which has soundtracked everything from TV ads to President Sarkozy's election rallies (the band successfully sued).

They created and recorded parody songs but did not perform live.In fact, the album's three singles still inaccurately define the band they were responsible for revealing to the world at large: "Kids" is almost the platonic ideal of a mid-'00s Internet hit, with the infectious synth loops that had just been welcomed into indie rock plus the slightly yippy vocals of Animal Collective."Electric Feel" is a blue-eyed disco ballad, much groovier than anything surrounding it.This year's follow-up album, Congratulations, ignored any attempt at "Kids 2", instead secreting the line "hope I die before I get sold" in its 12-minute, shape-shifting centrepiece "Siberian Breaks".It revealed the MGMT who had been typed as ironic, twentysomething paragons of pop pastiche to be serious inheritors of the 1960s tradition of mind-expanding music.