Blogger profile not updating

If you add the blog feed and receive a message that your feed has been successfully added to the Author Page, but the feed does not appear on your Author Central Profile tab, it may be because you are already syndicating the feed on another website.If so, simply add another character, such as “&” or “?You can edit your Business Profile's contact information directly from the Instagram app.However, if you want to change the category that appears on your Instagram Business Profile, you'll need to update the category from your Business's Facebook Page.The "Create a new post" option is no longer be available in Author Central.Instead, we support new blog entries through feeds from other providers. It’s super easy but there are somethings you want to keep in mind…Get the full step-by-step tutorial on our Facebook group! All you have to do is go through the process of converting your account.

I would suggest searching for the specific e-mail address (not a name), and just changing the picture on the contact page, rather than deleting the contact entirely. You can only guess how silly I felt after doing this... Scroll down to see if there is an option to “Switch to Business Profile.” If you do not see this option, that just means this update has not rolled out to your account YET. Now, if you do not see this notification you can try going into your Settings (on Instagram, the little gear icon when you’re viewing your Profile).Edit: I tried clearing my cache and I tried different browsers but neither works.I had the same problem, I had to go into my gmail contacts and delete all the entries for myself. To get to contacts, select the GMAIL button the on top left and a drop down will appear where you can select Contacts. After changing the avatar in the Settings, remember to clear the browser cache!