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Carly's best friends are Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Gibby Gibson.

Plus I see him and Carly has a really cute, compatible couple. You would have done the same for me."All three of them exchanged a dubious look and before Sam could retort something to express their doubt to his positivism Carly and Freddie grinned and nodded like crazy."Mmm Hmm.""Yeah.""Ha, if you want to believe that," Sam's sarcasm wasn't masked but Gibby overlooked it. Carly took it for granted but sometimes it could be really weird."Why are you here? Spencer wanted my war expertise to plan attacks on his mortal enemy." He said that so nonchalantly and Carly realized she didn't know that Gibby had 'war expertise' but then this wouldn't have been the first time he'd surprised her with something she didn't know about him."Staying for dinner? ""You know where the fridge is, check yourself." She never minded him being around because he was there when she needed him and even when she didn't. If he didn't know the moves he made them up and was so confident in himself that even the most ridiculous things he did just exuded… That's all he was ever going to be or ever intended to be but he appreciated it all the same. This time she had her heart broken by a guy that she expected to be more to her… ) when Carly collapsed on the couch of their home in tears.One of his brothers, Ethan Munck, played Gibby's 8-year-old brother Guppy in five episodes of i Carly.Munck has three other siblings: Taylor, Elijah, and Micah.During the date they try to make Gibby be like Freddie to get Shannon interested in him but to no avail. The date ends with a shirtless Gibby dancing on the table with another girl, while the trio leaves the restaurant. Carly: [Talking about the cheesecake at the Cheesecake Warehouse] Shouldn't there be a law that says my dessert can't weigh more than me?