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Criss appeared to be under the impression the rumours started with Murray, as he preceeded his retweet with a picutre of Chloe in his show, accusing a 'blond wig wearin magician' was behind the rumours.

im willing to bet they will grow to find they have nothing in common in the long run. she’s only 21-22 yrs old and he’s about to be 44 and has been seeing her off and on for 4 yrs now (do the math lol.) she’s not much older than his niece.

Criss is from the American nationality while he was educated at the East Meadow High School and is of the Greek ethnicity.

Angel is the star and creator of the A&E channel show ' Criss Angel Mindfreak,' while he has interested in magic in his early of an age and dreamed of a top magician.

'Although Murray is putting on a brave face he's absolutely devastated.

But on Monday evening the 48-year-old showed off a more cleaned up look as he walked the red carpet for the HELP (Heal Every Life Possible) charity event at the Luxor Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas benefiting pediatric cancer research and treatment.