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But the privacy provokes a prying desire for inquisition. Who is the man Margot is dating and what is it about him that’s better than me? They stayed friends in the years following, during which Robbie admits she was harbouring an affection for Mr Ackerley.

On a scale of Macaulay Culkin circa 2003 to Rig City, how much of a physical specimen is Tom Ackerley ? It was hopefully more platonic than insidious but, most importantly, Margot vocalised her feelings and now the pair have been together for two years.

The church, which belonged to Merton Priory was, with the exception of the north aisle, which was left standing for the performance of the burial service, taken down under an act of parliament in 1774, and a new church erected in the following year at an expense of £11,000 (equivalent to £1,248,214 in 2015), on the north side of the common.

In the late 17th century, large country houses began to be built there, and throughout the 18th and early 19th century it was favoured by the wealthier merchant classes of the City of London, who built many large and gracious houses and villas around Clapham Common and in the Old Town.

Freddie decides he has no choice but to flee and makes his last appearance on screen in this evening’s E4 episode, and actor Charlie Clapham promises it’s going to be emotional…

“It was an incredibly hard decision, but after four years I felt the time was right to hang up the leather jacket.

The evening reception was said to have included a catwalk show and a performance by The Drifters.

Among those attending the wedding were Hollyoaks co-stars Fabrizio Santini (Ziggy), Anna Passey (Sienna) and Stephanie Waring (Cindy).

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The ancient status of that military road is recorded on a Roman stone now placed by the entrance of the former Clapham Library in the Old Town, which was discovered during building operations at Clapham Common South Side in 1912.It’s the end of an era in Hollyoaks tonight as Freddie Roscoe leaves the village forever – the final member of his family to bid farewell.Following his brutal attack on Nick Savage as revenge for raping Ellie Nightingale, Freddie is facing a potential 12-year stretch behind bars due to his previous brushes with the law – of which there’s been a fair few since the Roscoes rocked up in Chester four years ago.” Ellie plans to escape with her man and is fully prepared for life on the run, but at the last minute Freddie realises he can’t ask her to leave her family behind and the pair say an emotional goodbye – how does Clapham feel about Freddie going it alone in the end? Even when the rest of his family was around he rarely kept any of them close.I often found Freddie would put others before himself when the real danger came into play and would therefore find himself out on his own.