Dating someone with down syndrome

*** BILL OTT WILL always remember the moment he met Shelley Belgard. You kind of want to play it safe and not play it safe at the same moment.” He lived in Silver Spring and she was in Potomac, so they exchanged phone numbers. Bill took Shelley to both his junior and senior proms.

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Individuals with Down’s syndrome can be supported to make choices and decisions that are right for them.

Their parents would drive them to movies and one another’s houses. Each time he rented a tux, and she picked out a fancy new dress.

They wrapped their arms around each other to pose for photos and danced all night long.

But there are some pretty common physical signs that accompany Down syndrome, and that opens these kids -- and their parents -- up to everything from rude staring to downright cruel comments.

Sadly, some people don't even realize they're being offensive.