Getting the new value in gridview rowupdating Flirtalike amber virginia

In general, gridview control is used to populate the data in tabular format from different datasources and basically it derived from webcontrol class.Actually gridview control is built with lot of features and this control is commonly used for all applications.I am not getting any error, the page returns with the original values. Hope that helps, marloutor I also had a problem with a Grid View that was not updating. Newvalues Dictionary in the Grid View's Row Updating event showed that the old values for the record were being sent to the database UPDATE query. I was thinking that if your gridview is rebound then the updated data would be displayed.The grid by default allows simple string editing on cells.The default editor is used if you do not provide a cell Editor.The Grid View also lets you perform other tasks very easily, such as paging and sorting your data, but not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Use cell Editors to provide editing functionality to your data through the grid that ties in with the grid navigation, refresh and general data management.In this article I will explain how to use the events and properties of the Grid View to allow us to customise the way the data appears.Grid View is great for very simple tables, but the real world is not always as straightforward as we would like it to be.Sometimes we need to specify the format of the data, and the way it is rendered in the table, more exactly.Many people will tell you to use other type of controls such as the Data List for this, because it gives the user more choices in the way that the grid is rendered.