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A pair of cosmonauts then peered into a fundoscope for a more detailed look at the eye’s interior.

The regularly scheduled eye checks were conducted with real-time input from doctors on the ground.

As Rat is giving advice/encouragement to Amy through the open window after she returns his poems, he rises from his crouched position to stand while he is speaking.

Rat pauses and the scene cuts to a front shot of Amy, but he is back in a crouched position.

The station residents are also making space and packing up gear for next week’s cargo delivery aboard the Space X Dragon.

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It's almost as if the creative powers that be were given a simple brief Now, I like Emma Roberts as an actress, so it was fun to see her playing a character with lots of different sides (sweet, flirty, neurotic etc.) but this film doesn't really work.

Does it want to focus on the idea of a prude working in an adult movie store?