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The lines would meet up at Lang Station in present-day Santa Clarita and not to be outdone, we needed our own golden spike. Forty guests were invited to the ceremony, and 4,000 (mostly Chinese immigrant) workers showed up.

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Sullivan) – in an essay about Texas, but with reference to "the railroad".

The original unit of the transportation system that today comprises more than 15,000 miles of rail lines in this country and Mexico, was built from Sacramento 690 miles over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and across Nevada to meet the Union Pacific at Promontory, Utah, where the Last Spike was driven on May 10, 1869.

[Also see "American Progress," painting by John Gast, 1872.] It is a cliche that railroads made America, and historians point to the Pacific Railroad of 1869 and its effect of binding the Pacific and Atlantic states.

You may have heard about this wingding out in Utah with the champagne and the golden spike and all that, but let’s keep digging for L. In 1869, San Francisco opened the rails for service and became party city, what with all that Ghirardelli chocolate and those Levi’s jeans.

Angelenos that wanted in on the action could ride the slow and dangerous stagecoach for a couple days, or wait until 1876, when railroad moguls Charles Crocker and Leland Stanford got together to create a line connecting Northern and Southern California. Thatcher fashioned this 9¼ ounces, is 5-7/16 inch long fastener out of “San Gabriel gold.” He also made up a special silver hammer with a handle made from an orange tree and gave them to Crocker to bang out the message that California had arrived. Case #18: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Jacket Disp L. Case #17: “The Outlaw” By Ed “Big Daddy” Roth Disp L.