Sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors

Typically, each block performs a logical action in he program.

A block has the following structure: DECLARE /* Declarative section: variables, types, and local subprograms.

ie, slno 1 employee Id 1 time 6(in hr) can u plz help me sir,, I am trying to make use of the while loops for the following application: My data is in the form (data source Excel): Name, Group, FY13Q1, FY13Q2 Name1, Software, Project1, Project2 Name2, Hardware, Project2, Project3 ….

each additional row lists a new employee, the group they belong to and which project they’re working on in a given quarter.

To be safe, instead of hard coding the type of a variable, you should use the This program has no effect when run, because there are no changes to the database.

This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to HANA Lovers. Courses on SAP HANA - Basics, Modeling and Administration 2. Cursors are defined after the signature of the procedure and before the procedure’s body.

This happens because the underlying TDS protocol does not have client side cursors.

Every variable has a specific type associated with it. In this case, it is essential that the variable have the same type as the relation column.

If there is any type mismatch, variable assignments and comparisons may not work the way you expect.

I have table User Logins(User Id, Logindate) Data Like User Id Logindate 111 01/12/2012 111 02/12/2012 111 03/12/2012 111 04/12/2012 222 01/12/2012 222 02/12/2012 222 03/12/2012 222 04/12/2012 333 01/12/2012 333 02/12/2012 333 03/12/2012 333 04/12/2012I want to delete the records from this table and I want retain only last 3 recent records for each userid.

the id and date is here in tablw.i want to collect the sum of datediff in as order as employee id…in table,,date in punch in and punch out…iwant to diff alternate table…then their sum …which is considered as slno..