Taylor swift dating douglas booth

The couple were also seen laughing and joking as they left the pub, looking very happy and comfortable.Douglas Booth is the latest in the long line of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, including Nick Jonas and John Mayer.Taylor Swift's best friend, Haille Steinfield is 16. One of Taylor Swift's last boyfriends, Conor Kennedy, was a junior in high school. Conor Kennedy dumped Taylor Swift for being to clingy and needy.Haille Steinfield introduced Taylor Swift to Douglas Booth. Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth took photos together in a photo booth.They're six of the funniest people we have ever met in our lives. Ten months after Taylor Swift split from Harry Styles, she was seen on a date with Douglas Booth according to People Magazine.Like any focused celebrity, Taylor spends the whole year adhering to a very strict diet.

(Just a little pop culture trivia for you on a Wednesday morning.) I'm betting you didn't know this, but in addition to inching ever closer to Thanksgiving and Hannukah and Christmas and Kwanzaa and every other holiday I'm forgetting in between, we're also getting knee-deep into Taylor Swift Mating Season. He could use a career boost too, which is always a bonus. A lot of you out there have probably heard the rumors that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are back together.Taylor Swift probably has candles around those pictures now. "They hired the back room and were in there alone," a source tells PEOPLE of the duo's cozy night at The Holly Bush in London on Friday."They looked very happy [and] were just smiling and laughing just like any other customers." The duo possibly met through Swift's close friend Hailee Steinfeld, who starred opposite Booth, 21, in the latest installment of Shakespeare's classic love story about star-crossed lovers.