Updating shower

Due to the bodies surface area, and contact time, your shower may be hazardous to your health.

Our water utility provider adds chlorination to the maximum allowed.

Can't hardly imagine the resulting chemistry, as it interacts with undissolved organic compounds. The Aquasana shower filter is a perfect complement to their drinking water filter solution.

The money I saved, switching from Brita to Aquasana (drinking water filtration) paid for the shower filters. I had no idea how much my water smelled of chemicals until I started using this filter on my shower.

With safety and accessibility in mind, in one day, Bath Master can convert your bathtub to a shower; a great choice for individuals who prefer the extra space of a large shower.

The BPA free, two-stage filter lasts six months, reduces chlorine and harmful chemical vapors, enhances p H balance, prevents soap scum build-up, and provides the highest quality shower water for the cleanest, healthiest shower experience. Comes with easy-to-follow replacement instructions. Two-stage filter lasts 6 months, reduces chlorine and VOCs, enhances p H balance, prevents soap scum build-up and provides the very highest-quality shower water. " Chemical contaminates more easily affect you from shower water, rather than drinking water.

Wish I could afford a whole house system, but not in my budget. I am a single female but am pretty good with tools so it is just getting a step ladder in the shower and all is good. I was thinking about updating my bath and this would not look very attractive.If you're looking for quality baby shower party supplies and ideas, you've come to the right place!We've delivered thousands of baby shower party favors since 2003 and are constantly updating our inventory with new and innovative items.May should add different finishes to match people's existing fixtures.I have been using a counter top water filter for many years.