Who is louis theroux dating

As the presenter moves away from celebrities, he answers Simon Usborne’s questions on privacy, BBC pay - and Jennifer Aniston For his latest documentary, Louis Theroux was supposed to immerse us in the world of hardcore pornography.

But then nervous suits at the BBC pulled the film from its 9pm slot.“I was told it was because it was scheduled to follow Springwatch,” the presenter explains. You might get a older viewers who come out of blue tits and into something quite different.”The film, which is now set to be broadcast in June (at 10pm), takes Theroux back to Los Angeles and a once-booming industry in crisis.

There had been concern among parents of autistic children that the “Theroux treatment” was the last thing an already misunderstood condition needed.

Amongst those in attendance was Jennifer Aniston, who looked gorgeous for the occasion wearing a beautifully boned black bustier by the venerated house underneath a chic black suit at the event.

I'm not that comfortable doing polemic or being strident. I think what I'm good at is getting to know people, and trying to build a relationship over a few weeks and trying to get to the truth.

There, that's not something you can often say about young novelists. In fact, he boxes, if you must know, and has that impressive triangular shape, the shoulders and waist thing, that fit men have. Why did I not notice this when I was at university with him? Now we're sitting in his light-filled flat in fashionable Westbourne Park and he is telling me all about how he wants to have children, and how he needs to make enough money to support a family one day."I feel like Bridget Jones, being single," he says archly.

Dynasties are always interesting, and, in this case, especially relevant because Marcel's novel is, at least partly, a meditation on fathers, brothers and sons.

It tells the story of Damien March, who unexpectedly inherits his uncle Patrick's house on Ionia, an island off the coast of Cape Cod.